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Brand: Natures Tru Model: NT Plain Broad Spectrum
Natures Tru Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture is a natural, organic delivery system for purified CBD oil. Each bottle is created from broad spectrum CBD, sourced from organically grown hemp plants. Sublingual oils are a great way to get started with CBD therapy: simply place a few drops under the tongue a..
Brand: Natures Tru Model: Natures Tru Flavored BS Oil
Each bottle of Natures Tru Flavored CBD Oil tincture is crafted with high quality, purified CBD Isolate, sourced from natural hemp plants. This product is great for those looking to try CBD for pain or anxiety relief, and are available in a variety of pleasant fruit flavors to deliver a great tastin..
Brand: Natures Tru Model: Natures Tru Concentrate
  Our Purified CBD Wax concentrate is perfect for use in your favorite wax pen or concentrate device. A very economical delivery device for your daily dose of CBD, wax concentrate offers a strong hit of CBD and terpenes with every puff from your vaporization device and uses very little product per ..
Brand: Natures Tru Model: NT Daily Dose
Natures Tru Daily Dose is a convenient delivery system for your daily dose of CBD relief. Each syringe contains 1mL of pure CBD Isolate and MCT Oil Tincture and is offered in two distinct formulas: our 750mg and our 4000mg Tinctures. Simply apply the syringe under the tongue and hold for a few momen..
Brand: Natures Tru Model: CBD E-Liquid
Natures Tru Pure CBD Isolate Vape Oil is a formulated e-liquid for your favorite vaporizer device. Vaporization is an effective mode of delivery for our CBD formulas, and is an inexpensive way to receive your daily dose of relief. Product is compatible with low-wattage pod devices, as well as tradit..
Brand: Natures Tru Model: Natures Tru Dried Fruit
Natures Tru 250mg CBD Dried Fruit Jars contain a mixture of dehydrated, genuine mangoes, pineapples, and kiwis that are infused with a 250mg formula of pure, organic CBD Isolate derived from natural Hemp plants. Enjoy the sweet tropical taste and relief from aches and anxiety symptoms. Disclaimer:..
Brand: Natures Tru Model: NT Honey Sticks
  Natures Tru PURE CBD Honey Sticks are created from organically sourced honey infused with Pure CBD Isolate extract from industrial hemp plants. Available in 100- and 50-count jars, each honey stick contains a 10mg dose of pure, organic CBD, mixed in a sweet, sticky treat. Our CBD Honey Sticks are..
Natures Tru CBD Terpenes Natures Tru CBD Terpenes
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Brand: Natures Tru Model: NT Terpenes
MUST BE DILUTED PRIOR TO USE Natures Tru Terpenes are a food-grade concentrated flavor, extracted from plant materials. These "building blocks" of nature have a variety of health and wellness benefits when mixed and ingested with our premium CBD Sublingual tinctures. Natures Tru terpenes are design..
Brand: Natures Tru Model: NT Pain Cream
If you are looking for a great topical cream for the relief of minor aches and pains, try out Nature Tru's CBD Pain Cream. Each bottle contains 2oz (60mL) of our formulated topical Pain Cream, created with Pure CBD Oil and natural plant extracts. You will feel the soothing effects of cool, creamy cu..
Brand: Natures Tru Model: NT Pain Salve
Our all-natural CBD Pain Salve is the perfect topical product for relief from aches and pains. This ointment is infused with all-natural essential oils and 1000mg of Pure CBD to help deliver relief from affected joints and muscle soreness, and is safe for use as a topical agent. Simply apply a small..
Brand: Natures Tru Model: CBD Oil Cartridges
If you are looking for an easy, convenient way to receive your daily dose of CBD oil, try these vape oil cartridges. Each cartridge is a 510-threaded, ceramic-coil vape cartridge designed for any 510-compatible vaporizer battery or mod. Crafted from purified CBD Isolate, these cartridges contain gre..
Brand: Natures Tru Model: NT Lip Balm
Natures Tru scented lip balm provides a soothing relief to sore lips. This product provides the soothing, pain-relieving qualities of natural cannabidiol (CBD), and is paired with organic essential oils for flavor and scent. Choose between fire or ice with our Peppermint or Honey-Cinnamon flavors to..
Brand: Natures Tru Model: CBD Essential Oil
Natures Tru Essential Oils combine the relief and benefits from all natural cannabidiol with the fragrances and aroma-therapeutic benefit of organically-sourced plant essential oils.  The essential oils contained in the product serve to relieve tension, freshen the air, and provide simple stress re..
Brand: Natures Tru Model: NT Isolate Tincture
Our Pure CBD Isolate Tincture is an organic, natural delivery system for purified CBD oil. Each bottle of tincture is crafted from Pure CBD Isolate, sourced from natural, organic hemp plants. If you are looking to try CBD oil for anxiety or pain relief, tinctures are often the easiest way to get sta..
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